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An unforgettable stay

Complex Camping Traful Lauquen


We are located on the coast of the lake with an exclusive sandy beach and close to all services, such as tourist information, cabins, hotels, supplies; and one step away from the wonderful natural corners that we have in Villa Traful. For the latter we have personalized advice on the tours, excursions and general information that you need.



Enjoy the Tiny Houses



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Private bedroom with double bed

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Comfortable sofa bed with 2 guest capacity

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Fully equipped kitchen

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Free parking

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Outdoor furniture and grill

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Air conditioning and heating

descubr traful


Keep in mind

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CHECK-IN 12 hours.

Check availability


CHECK OUT 10 am.



Sheets, blankets, towels, washcloths


Facilities and services

  • Fully landscaped spaces

  • Recreation area to develop recreational sports activities

  • 400 mts of exclusive beach

  • Boat launch

  • Heated multipurpose room, with board games and cafeteria service

  • Mini supply

  • 24-hour healthcare facilities

  • Roofed laundry rooms

  • Wi-Fi

  • Rental of wood-burning ovens


Windsurf y Kitesurf

Traful Lauquen offers you a unique place;

a large space with grass for assembly of Equipments. Lake conditions allow sail almost every day, the wind predominant is from the West.



It consists, by means of a rod and a specially designed line, of gradually launching an artificial without its own weight called a fly. These can very precisely imitate different organisms that make up trout food, such as aquatic insects and terrestrial, and other small aquatic beings.

Fly Cast.jpg


Modality that consists of dragging an artificial by means of a boat. Allows the capture of specimens of greater size; because with a minimum effort we can cover large areas
and reach depths impossible to achieve with other modalities. Your practice is reduced to lakes and reservoirs.



Modality that by means of a rod and a reel, it launches

and picks up an artificial, giving it action. It is a sporty

and simple fishing, ideal for children or novice who are

just starting out with the salmonids.



Located just 6 km from the campsite along the access route that goes to the confluence. It is a rocky cliff of glacial origin of approximately 102 meters that falls vertically onto Lake Traful. It has two balconies with protective railings that allow you to calmly observe the entire landscape.


Coa Co Waterfall and Arroyo Blanco

It starts from Camping, walking along one of the internal streets, arriving at the Pampa de los Álamos, where the signposted paths begin. The jump of about 30 meters can be seen falling between the basaltic rock mantle and Nalca plants, from a viewpoint with all the amenities which allows you to view part of the silhouette of the lake, its bays and mountains.

Cascada Coa Co y Arroyo Blanco.jpg

Cascada Co Lemu and Arroyo Cataratas

Located to the west of the Camping on Provincial Route No. 65 towards Portezuelo, 9 km. Next to the course of the stream the path begins, the first 300 meters are of little difficulty among a leafy forest of large coihues, then the difficulty becomes a little greater (we advise being careful especially with children and elderly people) and after 30 min of walking we arrived at the foot of a large waterfall about 25 meters high, surrounded by a great variety of wild flowers and a perfect microclimate.

Cascada Co Lemu o arroyo Cataratas.jpg

Submerged forest and Gruta de la Virgen

In front of the Camping on the north coast of the lake, there is a natural forest of cypresses that in past times collapsed from the foot of Cerro Bayo and settled on the lake bed, it has trees more than 20 meters high, which lie only its tips peeking out, where diving groups choose this place to descend and take an underwater walk. Sailing towards the east about 1,500 meters, you reach the caves of Lake Traful, where, adorned by a variety of wild flowers, the statue of the Virgin Stella Maris (patron saint of fishermen) stands out.


Cerro Negro and Monje

This excursion is ideal for those who feel like of walking up the slopes of the mountains. Take the trekking permit, and then begin to walk for about 3 hours, leaving the high forest behind and beginning to travel among dragged ñires until you reach At the first foothills of Cerro Negro, the ground becomes more desert-like and we face the last ascent, which will finally leave us at the towers of the hill and there we will cross Cerro Monje. On a clear day the view is exceptional with almost 2000 meters above sea level you can see the Lanín, Osorno, and Tronador volcanoes from there. Demand level: medium - high.

Cerro Negro y Monje.jpg
Laguna Mellizas y pintura rupestre.jpg

Laguna Mellizas and cave paintings

For this excursion it is necessary to cross Lake Traful to the large peninsula, from there in the NW direction there is an ascending path with a considerable slope between a forest of cypresses and radales. It is important to note that this attraction is located within a protected area, therefore you must inform the park ranger of your intentions before departure.

Cuyín Manzano

This walk starts from the Camping. During the summer, the eastern coasts become a suitable setting for picnicking and enjoying of its waters and beaches. Also during some times of the year it is possible to see condors, whose shelters are found in the rocks. This route allows us to see the transition of the steppe to the young cypresses colonizing the territory. Rock walls of enormous height, with shapes Straight and spiral steps lead to the access road. There are several caves that served as refuge for primitive man who lived by hunting. ​

Cuyín Manzano.jpg
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