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Tiny House Argentina

About us

Argentina Factory

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USA Factory

We are a specialized company in the construction and marketing of Tiny Houses designed for tourist complexes. Tiny Homes are mobile houses that offer the freedom to be installed anywhere and are adaptable to various climates and environments.

Our experience in the construction industry dates back to 2009, and we established the first Tiny Houses factory in Argentina in 2018. Additionally, we have a Tiny Homes factory in Kissimmee, Florida, USA.

We offer a comprehensive assembly service for Tiny Home complexes in both Argentina and the USA. Investing in this growing trend not only provides a solid return on investment but also adds an innovative image to your tourist complex.

Focused on quick construction and fast return on investment, we work with a team of architects, engineers, project coordinators, and specialized administrative staff. 

We are constantly learning, renewing, and updating to offer our clients products and services of the highest quality. It's time to get to work and shape your projects.

Contact us and discover how we can help you take your tourist complex to the next level!


If you have a property located in a holiday destination or if you are interested

in investing, we build holiday resorts all across Argentina and USA. Team up with us.

We guide you to set up your resort the best way and help you reach the highest standards of quality and service.

Set your Tiny Houses up in 30 days and recoup your investment quickly!

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