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Develop your own resort

Investing in a tourist complex has never been as accessible and profitable as with Tiny Homes.

If you're looking to make an investment in Argentina or the United States, we're the company you're searching for. We have a Tiny Home construction factory in both countries and we possess extensive construction experience, tailoring our work to the regulations of each country. 


Construction and installation are swift, the initial investment is low, and you'll experience a rapid return on investment along with minimal monthly maintenance costs.

You can choose one of our existing models or we can collaborate to create a customized design that suits your complex's style and location. Let's turn your vision into reality!


THE BENEFITS OF BUILDING your complex with Casarella Tiny


Custom design

according to your tastes and needs


Low maintenance

with durable and easy-to-maintain materials


Easy transport

Handle transportation and installation


Construction in the factory

Means you avoid delays due to weather conditions 


Promotion of the Complex

On Casarellas's social media channels, Casarella TV and the website


Quick return

on investment


Structural warranty



Own factory

with machinery that manufactures steel frame panels


We ensure quality

Building certified and verified


Cost control

The construction system is measurable, so there won't be any deviations from the original plan

Tiny Home experiences

Alejandra and Jorge share their experience with us

¡They already have their complex at Tomás Jofré!


Lili and Daniel share their experience with us

¡They already have their complex at San Andrés de Giles!

We speak Spanish and English, the language is not a limitation! 

If you want your complex in Argentina, contact us

If you want your complex in the US, contact us

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